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Effect of Music on the Brain

Robin Wilkins, Matt Steen, Paul Laurienti, Jonathan Burdette, Don Hodges

For this study, we sought to study the effects of music as people actually experience it. Using entire songs, this study investigated whether listening to individually preferred music elicited changes in network metrics. In particular, we focused on regions associated with the default mode network. In addition, we investigated brain processing using different genres of musical complexity (rock, rap, country, and classical). Results from this study indicate that preference does change connectivity in the brain. Our results also indicate that different genres affect connectivity metrics. These results suggest that network science offers a promising new method to study the dynamic impact of music on the brain.

This project is funded by the Wake Forest School of Medicine Center for Biomolecular Imaging and the Music Research Institute at UNCG

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Last Updated: October 25, 2011